Our company was established in 1995, originally manufacturing spare parts for motorcycles and bicycles. When we saw a national positive trend towards motorcycles being the preferred mode of transportation in Indonesia, we concentrated only on motorcycle parts. As the motorcycle spare part industry becomes saturated, we decided to zoom into a more specific sector of the motorcycle industry, tyre sealant.

M-One Tyre Sealant was conceived in 2012 based on Thailand's sealant technology. This product goes nicely with our family’s expertise in manufacturing glue for the past 50 years. We realize its potential of making a positive impact in Indonesia's motorcycle industry. We are now leading the revolutionary change in taking control of customer's safety when riding a motorcycle by ensuring that the wheels are never punctured. We educate shop owners and end users of the advantages of our product and saw positive response.

Since then, we have added a wide variety of products and accessories suitable for motorcycle and automobile use. It is our hope and commitment that these products, along with M-One Tyre Sealant to be made affordable and accessible throughout the nation. We hope you have experienced the difference and never drive without M-One Super Tyre Sealant.

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To increase comfort and peace of mind of automobile users by providing affordable innovative products that are accessible to everyone.


To provide better automotive riding experience by offering affordable, innovative, quality products, backed with excellent customer after care.


Mas Wawan, our mascot, is a porcupine. His spikes are identical with the nails that puncture tyres. His cape signifies super power abilities in instantly sealing holes in tyres. He is made bubbly and cuddly, just as we welcome positive, constructive ideas to constantly better ourselves. His name is derived from our brand name and made into a common name that is easily remembered.



Rekor Muri

M-One Super Tire Sealant earned a MURI record to made it past 5,000 spikes within 200 meters without a leak.

Top Brand 2020

M-One Super Tire Sealant won the Top Brand 2020 award in the Tire Sealant category.