Q: How does M-One work to protect my wheels?
A: M-One uses a special formula from Thailand made of fiber, rubber and glue that instantly seals any holes in the tyre. Therefore tyre's pressure is maintained and you are saved from having a flat tyre. Once you realize you have a nail on your tyre, pull the nail out and spin the tyre so the liquid inside the tyre can instantly seals the hole.

Q: Is M-One safe for long-drive use?
A: Before we started selling M-One to public, we have tested our product to ensure the safety of the users. From our research, we found that M-One is safe for long-drive usage (we tested more than 400km per day) and for high-speed usage. Please use M-One as recommended and check tyre's pressure periodically.

Q: How big of a nail hole can M-One instantly seal?
B: There are many nails strewn on the road, commonly ranging from 3-10 cm long with a variety of diameter. However, most nails found are 6 mm or less in diameter. M-One will instantly seals holes caused by nails with diameter up to 6 mm. If you use M-One, then you will not have to worry about these nails strewn on the road.

Q: My tyre is not tube-less type. Can I use M-One?
A: Although M-One can be used for all tyres, it is recommended for tubeless type tyres. The inner tube of the tyre is made up of a thin rubber, which will rip when a nail pierces through. M-One will not seal this tear on the inner tube. However, we realize many motor cycles are not tube-less types, so we have our 800 ml product, which comes with a rubber shawl to cover the alloy wheels so you can convert your tyres to the tube-less type.

Q: Will the use of M-One interfere with the comfort of my driving?
A: We have done our research and field tested our product extensively. Used accordingly, M-One will not interfere with the comfort of your driving.

Q: Will M-One leave a mark on my alloy wheel if I don't use it anymore? Will my allow wheels rust because of M-One?
A: M-One is designed to be fluid. you will be able to rinse off M-One with water and it will completely be removed off of your wheels and alloy wheels. M-One is formulated with rust-resistant formula, so it will not cause rust on your alloy wheels.

Q: How long can M-One be effective for?
A: M-One can be effectively used for the shelf life of the tyre. A tyre is usually worn for 1-2 years. however, we recommend to replace M-One after 1 year for the safety of the rider.

Q: I have had a hole in my tyre before. Can I still use M-One?
A: Yes, but we recommend to use M-One as a preventative action, before the tyre hits a nail.

Q: I have used other product to protect my tyres from leakage. Can I add M-One to the tyre?
A: We don't recommend to mix M-One with other products to achieve the desired result.

Q: The side of my tyre has been hit by a nail. Can M-One seal this hole?
A: Motorcycle uses usually gets hit by a nail in the middle of the tyre. If the nail is stuck on the side of the tyre, M-One may or may not be able to seal this hole. It will depend on the position and how deep the nail is stuck in the tyre. Volume of M-One will also affect whether or not it will seal this hole.

Q: There is a nail stuck on my tyre, can I just leave it be?
A: M-One protects your tyre from leakage, we recommend that you pull out the nail and spin the tyre so M-One can instantly seals the hole. If you leave the nail on the tyre, the nail will cause bigger hole from the friction of the vehicle's usage. We recommend to check the condition of your tyre every 2 weeks and to maintain tyre's pressure at all times.

Q: Can M-One be used in all types of tyre?
A: Yes, it can be used in tube-less or tube-type tyres. Alloy wheels or racing type can use M-One.

Q: Will M-One dry out and harden inside the tyre?
A: No, M-One liquid will not dry out or harden inside the wheel. M-One has a water-based formula to make it easier for M-One to instantly seals any holes on the tyre.

Q: Will using M-One cause my tyre's waranty to be void?
A: No. Using M-One liquid will not cause any tyre's warranty to be voided. Removing M-One from the tyre can be easily done by rinsing it off with water.

Q: Can I use M-One liquid on my car?
TA: he original formula is designed for motor cycle-use only. Please look for Car-only M-One, which is specifically designed for cars.

Q: How to be a distributor?
A: Please contact us for further info.